Climbed Every Mountain - The Story Behind The Sound Of Music

In Climbed Every Mountain, Sue Perkins tells the astonishing true story behind the real Von Trapp family, portrayed almost 50 years ago in one of the most popular films ever made, The Sound Of Music.

The 1965 blockbuster starring Julie Andrews has been seen by over a billion people and continues to captivate generation after generation with its unique message of love and innocence.

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However, Salzburg, where the story began, has only now hosted its first ever performance of the musical. The documentary follows Sue Perkins to Austria to discover why the city seems to resent the film that put it on the map. She meets locals with memories of Maria Von Trapp and discovers her astonishing drive and determination that drove the family to become a travelling singing troop living on a tour bus for 22 weeks of the year.

She meets Nicholas Hammond who played Friedrich whose life has continued to be defined by the movie, and she travels to New York and to Stowe in Vermont where the family settled to recreate a little bit of Austria of their own at the Trapp Family Lodge and is privileged to meet 98 year old Maria von Trapp who is the last surviving member of the original seven children.

The film includes rare and unseen footage from the 1950s, as well as beautiful home movies shot during the filming of the movie itself.


"charming and funny"

"must-see for everyone who has ever been entranced by the most popular film musical of all time"

(Radio Times)

Production Notes

First aired:
Saturday 29th December 2012,
8:15pm BBC 2
1 x 60 min factual documentary

Northern Upstart and Square Peg TV

International rights owned by
Zodiak Rights

Climbed Every Mountain peaked at over 2.5m viewers, and was the best performing programme on the channel that day.