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Climbed Every Mountain - The Story Behind The Sound Of Music

The astonishing story that lies behind one of the most popular films ever made ?The Sound Of Music

In this brand new one hour film the astonishing true story behind The Sound of Music, is told by Nicholas Hammond who played Friedrich Von Trapp in the most famous family film of all time. The blockbuster 1965 movie starring Julie Andrews has been seen by over a billion people and continues to captivate generation after generation with its unique message of love and innocence ?there are 1.5 million facebook fans of the movie worldwide. However, Salzburg, where the story began, has only recently hosted its first ever performance of the musical.

The documentary follows Nicholas returning to Austria to discover why bizarrely the city seems to resent the film that put it on the map. He meets locals who remember Maria Von Trapp being far from the angel portrayed in the film and discovers the astonishing drive and determination that she brought to the baron and his family. Nicholas also travels to Stowe in Vermont where the family settled after their escape from the Nazis to recreate a little bit of Austria of their own, and is privileged to meet the Von Trapps that run the estate and the 98 year old Maria Von Trapp ?the only surviving child of the original seven children.

The film includes rare and unseen footage of the Von Trapps in the 1950s, beautiful home movies shot by Nicholas Hammond's mother during the shooting of the movie, and tells the real story behind the family favourite Christmas classic.

Nicholas Hammond said: "The movie's charm is that it continues to captivate and uplift generation after generation, but the true story of the Von Trapps who fled Austria and became a touring musical act living on a tour bus for 22 weeks a year is an astonishing and life affirming one."